Bring! Shopping List App

Bring! Shopping List App
26 Jan 17

Bring! Was a recommendation to me from Patrice a few months ago when I was on the lookout for a quick and intuitive shopping list app which could auto-sync between devices and user accounts. My need was simple, between my wife and I we wanted to be able to list grocery items we needed so when we were pulling the online shop together or passing a supermarket we had a ready made shopping list to hand.. I know a shared doc in Notes would have worked but I wanted something more intuitive to give me a better chance of getting my wife to use it..


Bring! Is exactly what I needed, it’s a free app available on iOS (plus Watch OS integration) & Android (plus Android Wear) and gives a really fast and simple user interface to create multiple grocery shopping lists e.g. a list for home, another for the kitchen at work or even one for that upcoming birthday party or other celebration etc..

Bring! Has an extensive list of groceries available for quick select or you can create your own items. Lists can then be synced across devices or other Bring! users via invite and it works, really really well! Notifications are there to let you know when items have been added to the list meaning that I have no excuse for forgetting to pick something up from the supermarket on my way home from work…

As with so many things, often the simplest execution is the most effective and the Bring Labs team have certainly got this one right!

Learn more and get Bring!


Chris Campion


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