24 Apr 19

Back in the day there was no series of games I loved more than the Command & Conquer collection. I wasted hours upon hours with my uni mates in the 90’s playing LAN games as well as taking on the computer in campaigns and skirmishes. But those days, as with all things good came to end and the games soon become abandonware.

So imagine my glee when I discovered that a group of plucky developers had resurrected it and made it a totally online experience.

CNCNet is a free-to-play version of the C&C games where you can enter lobbies and battle it out to your heart’s content.

The nostalgia level is off the scale. You can play the original Command & Conquer, Tiberian Sun and Red Alert as well as others. Just log into the servers, choose your game and map and you’re good to go.

Everything you love about the originals is here but so much more than you ever remember. I’ve become totally addicted and have forged some killer alliances. You can play as an individual or team up with other players to take out the opposition. I’ve mainly been playing Red Alert as this is where my fandom started and I have not been disappointed.

It’s fast, fluid and so much fun. And it just shows that when people love a game so much, the effort they put into bringing this to life is clear for all to see.

You can join the expanding community in playing open games or even set up your own private sessions once you get to know the growing wrath of players.

Best of all it works on both PC and Mac (via Wine) and like I say it is totally free. So if you want to go back to the past and play some of the best strategy games of all time you won’t go wrong with this.

I highly recommend this to anyone who ever had a passing interest in the C&C games and even if you’re new to them you’ll be hooked in seconds.

Check it out on your preferred platform and become the military general you were always destined to be.


Paul Wright


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