Cube Pro E Bike

Cube Pro E Bike
12 Apr 17

Evening BTN and crew, its been a while. Trust you are all well?

I was chuffed to see another fellow e-biker on last weeks show as I’ve recently indulged myself. As an ‘over the hill’ and ‘over-weight’ chap I miss whizzing around the lanes as I used to many moons ago. I was inspired by a few guys on the web that had got back out there and got fit, lost a few pounds and so decided to take my old road bike to the bike shop to get it ready once again. After lists of sniggering and and bit of ‘breathing through the teeth’ I came away the proud owner of a Cube Pro ‘something’ electric bike.

Now just to dispel the myth and this is for all the cynics out there (yes I’m looking you Ewen!) If you think it’s a cheat riding an e-bike then you’ve not really ridden one! (having a go round the car park doesn’t count!).

First they only assist up to 15mph anyway. Speeds above that you are on your own. These bikes are heavier than normal mountain bikes so riding it un assisted is no picnic!

Secondly, they only assist when you pedal so you can’t just sit on it and press ‘Go’.

Lastly, you can vary the amount of assistance which means you can even turn it off so the amount of workout you get from it is totally up to you.

I live in rural Shropshire and there is no where to hide from hills here and some of them are brutal. I can remember the pain and gritted teeth it used to take to just go for a 30 minute ‘blast’ now I can use the motor to make the hills bearable and then take over on the flats. This ultimately means that I can go virtually anywhere and don’t have to plan intricate cycle rides around the scary hills! As far as range goes, it’s difficult to put a figure on it as it all depends on rising styles, terrain and how much work you are prepared to do but I reckon on getting 40-50 miles which for me at the moment is more battery power than my body can handle anyway!

Anyway, I’m chuffed with mine, I’ve already done the belt up one notch so I’m happy with the results. My advice is get one, you won’t regret it!

in fact, if it helps, I ‘vlogged’ my first experience together with a follow up 6 weeks later so you are welcome to watch those if you want to know a bit more.


Gordon Jackson




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