3 Feb 14

I took the chance this weekend to shoot two images in decent light. One is taken with a Canon 6D the other is with a Nokia Lumia 1020. Both are the untouched representations of the DNG Files. There is also a 100% viewing showing for the aficionados.

I think you will be able to tell which is which pretty easily but I was blown away with the quality from a ‘Phone’.

PLEASE leave a comment in the blog on which you think is which and I will read it out next week on the BIG Show.




If you want to download the image and compare.


Ewen Rankin


Ian Ian

Going with B as phone. Showing more CA on the 100% whites. Bound to be wrong now

Avatar Iain Mitchell

Im going with B as well!

A seems to be just more alive with detail

Avatar Glen

I would also go with b as being the phone – not quite as sharp and some of the patterns look as though they have been processed more by the camera software .

A seems to have more detail when you zoom in and feels sharper.

Avatar BillyZilla

Going with B as Phone. Purple picked up in the clouds behind train is more.

(Eventually) I’m going to go for A as the Lumia Phone shot, just because I think the 100% detail text is v slightly clearer on B which you’d hope the larger optics on a dedicated camera might give?

But it is pretty much too close to call – which is amazing 🙂

Avatar Mike Fitz

I would say B is the phone as the amount of detail at 100% on the running gear on the front bogey is clearer/sharper/more of on image A
Still a bloody good image though.
BTW do a photo show soon Ewan eh?

Avatar @SBBrit

B is the real camera, sky has more detail

Avatar misangenius

I would say that B is Lumia 1020 🙂

Avatar Serenak


I am no photographer so “easily” is relative… I have no idea to be honest!

I am going to take a guess that B is the phone as the colours seem a bit more vibrant and saturated…

Pretty amazing that a few years back a camera on a phone was no more than a novelty… and 2MP was a “good” consumer point and click digital camera.

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