Doctor Who and the Mr Men

Doctor Who and the Mr Men
17 Feb 18

Two of my big loves as you may well know are Star Wars and Doctor Who. Well I was absolutely overjoyed when my wife introduced me to the Doctor Who Mr Men books.

These are some of the sweetest things you’ll ever see. If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember the original books by Roger Hargreaves and these don’t disappoint. It feels just like my youth all over again but with modern stories about my favourite characters.

So far I have the fourth (Tom Baker), the eleventh (Matt Smith) and the twelve (Peter Capaldi).

If you’re a big Doctor Who fan then this is a great introduction to share with your children. The stories are fun and a little tongue and cheek. The illustrations are just as good as you’ll remember them.

They are short but a heck of a lot of fun. They come in at a fiver each and I intend to get them all.

Plus they are written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves the son of the father of the Mr Men.

A great combination of old and new.

Check them out here.


Paul Wright


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