Duke Nukem World Tour

Duke Nukem World Tour
29 Aug 20

Back in the 90’s we were all yelling ‘hail to the king baby’ as we shot the crap out of alien invaders in Duke Nukem 3D and it really was a phenomenon.

Back in 2016 everyone was in celebration, well, not me because I missed it they released Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary edition. The reason it caught my eye was because it was going the rounds on the Xbox Store for a mere £1.59.

Now I probably don’t need to tell you much about Duke but if you’ve just crawled out from under that rock the game saw duke take on an off-world invasion with an arsenal that you’d still have trouble rivaling today. The foul-mouthed protagonist also took time to pay attention to the ‘ladies’.

Even though you can pretty much grab the original Duke all over the net and on abandonware sites there are some good reasons to invest in this re-release. 

It’s got everything you love about the original. They’ve taken the original 96 source code and scaled it to True 3D but everything looks as beautifully pixelated as ever. It does have my daughter asking why I’m getting so excited about a game with graphics that in her eyes look a tad on the shite side.

There’s plenty of nostalgia to be had by all though as well as a brand new Episode 5 brought to you by the game’s original designers Blum and Gray. And it’s not just recycled crap cobbled together to make a sale. There is all new gameplay, a new incinerator weapon, great for flight-enabled baddies.

There is also a new score for the new episode created by the 1996 versions composer, Lee Jackson and to keep things fresh there are recordings and new versions of ‘Duke Talk’ by the iconic Jon St John.

It’s been a blast playing it again but that’s more taking into consideration I paid less than a cuppa for it, whereas outlets such as Steam are still asking 15 quid.

If you loved the old game, you’ll love this. But you’ve really got to love it. Just a fun couple of hours for less than a couple of quid is worth the layout in my opinion.


Paul Wright


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