Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta
4 Aug 16

Both me and the wife are Fitbit fanatics. Nothing will stop us getting our daily steps in even if it means stomping around the house at silly ‘o’clock in order to reach our goal. For the last couple of years we were sporting the Fitbit Flex which actually came free with a couple of Windows Phones we had but that was the drug sale and we were hooked.

There’s a lot to be said about the gamification of fitness and to be able to track what you’ve been up to is a great motivator especially when you have realistic targets.

Recently this year I moved up a level thanks to a great offer on a second hand Fitbit Charge which is a really nice device. It does all of the stuff that the Flex did with the added bonus of pairing with my iPhone and alerting me to calls that come in. This year wife’s Flex started looking a bit tired so we started looking for an alternative. She was quite taken with the Apple Watch but we both agreed that it’s not ready for prime time yet plus it’s a little expensive for what it is so we started looking for alternatives.

Because of the great experience we had with the Flex we decided to give Fitbit another look and as it turns out they had just released the Fitbit Alta. Now this is one sleek device and I’m quite jealous of it. It has a gorgeous wrap around glass display that shows you all of the information that you need and you can scroll through the various menus just by tapping on it. Of course it has all of the great fitness and sleep tracking you would expect from any modern fitness device but it has the added bonus of being able to alert you off calls, text messages and calendar notifications, plus it’s water resistant, has a 5 day battery life, and for good measure it also tells the time.

Fitbit Alta

The screens are customisable via your smartphone and there some nice little touches for the ladies like a flower that grows the more steps you take plus the app is pretty sweet after a recent update.

So far it looks as though it’s gone down pretty well and for 100 quid it’s great value for money considering what it does. It comes in a range of colours and sizes so there is something to suit everyone plus you can swap out the bands to fit your style. So if you’re in the market check it out.


Paul Wright


Avatar Scott Small

I love my Microsoft band 2, but the battery on this and that you can get it wet may make me change.

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