Halfords Bike Hut repair stand

Halfords Bike Hut repair stand
26 Mar 18

KTM on Bike Hut Stand

Close up on clamp

Cycle Repair Stands can be a bit mundane but this one I bought from Halfords is currently £40. I’ve had it for over 12 months so this is a decent long term test and I have to say, that its stood the test of time. I did buy a stand on Amazon…on Prime…because it was free, but it cost a good deal more than this one and its broke on first use, so had to be returned.

At fist glance on the website, this one looks to be plastic but its not. The main supporting parts are a sturdy metal tube and the leg system is similar to the type you would find on Photographic light stand. Once adjusted, the whole structure is very stable and I had no doubts in lifting the bike on. The pivoting feet mean that even on a slightly irregular surface, the stability remains.

It has a decent plastic tray for tools and screws etc. The main part the clamp is plastic but feels heavy duty and comes with rubber parts to protect your bikes paintwork.

Some Key Points which add to this item are;

• Easily foldable into a small and compact space
• Folded dimensions: 103cm (l) 14cm (w) x 14cm (h)
• Unfolded dimensions: 55cm (l) x 78cm (w) x 98.5cm (h)
• Min and max height adjustments: 98.5cm – 160cm so was good for people of of all statures
• Maximum working load is 25kgs

I own a KTM electric bike (pictured) and have put the bike on this stand with battery still attached,  although I usually take battery off to save my back!. Even with the extra weight of the battery it hardly moves when you’re working on your bike.

Find the balance and it is stable. If you get the balance point right you don’t need to close the clamps (although thats advisable) Its rock solid!

Its perfect for adjusting gears, cleaning and repairs. I highly recommend this item… for the price its a no brainer. Yeah…I cleaned the bike after I took the pictures





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