Hoya Nulux Active Trueform Lenses

Hoya Nulux Active Trueform Lenses
19 Dec 16

As a glasses wearer on the BTN crew I’ve heard Ewen mention Hoya hundreds of times over the last few years, so when I recently needed some replacement lenses I got in touch with our good friend Mark Culshaw.

For anyone who hasn’t paid attention to the sponsors section on our podcasts, Hoya make some of the best lenses and glass available for spectacles, camera glass and much much more.. Hoya lenses are available at good opticians across the world but luckily for me Mark had some business commitments in Leeds so I was able to meet up directly with him.

Hoya reps use an iPad, a frame marker adapter and some clever software to digitally measure where your glasses sit on your face, height/alignment of your eyes plus the distance and angle from your eye to the glasses frame to get a precision “position of wear”. After Mark had completed this optical wizardry he added my prescription details and was able to provide a recommendation on the right lenses for my needs. I need my glasses for concentration work such as in front of the computer monitor, reading, TV etc so Mark recommended the Nulux Active Lenses as the best for my needs.

A week or so later my new glasses arrived and although they were exactly the same prescription as another pair I have, the difference between the opticians standard glass and the Hoya glass was unbelievable!

Mark had designed my lens to have a built in fractional power change and a slight boost at the bottom of the lens, this compliments the reading line to relax my eyes when maintaining near vision for longer periods. The clarity throughout the lenses was also noticeably improved in comparison to my other glasses.

After wearing for a few days I really noticed that my eyes felt significantly less fatigued during my working day and even more so when reading on an evening. The difference between standard and Hoya lenses are worlds apart and so it’s Hoya for me all the way in future!

Hoya lenses are available worldwide but if you need a hand locating a local Hoya rep just drop Mark an email at podcast@hoya.co.uk and he’ll point in the right direction.


Chris Campion


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