16 Apr 17

I’m a big fan of space race games, my favourite up until now has been Race the Sun but I think I have a new one to help me pass while away the hours. And even better it’s the free iOS app of the week in the iTunes store. That game being HyperBurner.

The premise is simple. Guide your craft though what are basically tunnels in space. The aim of the game being to traverse various obstacles and get to the other side unscathed. Now it sounds rather simple in essence but it’s a difficult and laugh to play.

The controls take the form of dragging your finger in the direction you would like to drift which is different to previous games I’ve played as these mainly relied on the accelerometer for movement but the on screen alternative input is actually quite nice and doesn’t make you look a fool especially when jammed into a pressurised metal tube in the sky which is where I have mostly been playing.

The other nifty feature is the fact that you can either play the game in portrait and landscape mode depending on your preference. I prefer the landscape mode as obviously you get to see more of the action.

If you do make an incursion into an obstacle your trusty shield will bear the initial brunt but further scrapes will be punished by death and and end to your adventures.

Graphically it is beautiful in the tradition of the best iOS games.

The music is also great and a bit trippy. Kind of reminds me of Wipeout on the original Playstation and it definitely helps mould the atmosphere.

So if you’re stuck at home with boring relatives and a lack alcohol supply over the Easter break this may help.

Just to add it is available Android but it will cost you £2.79.


Paul Wright


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