Hyperspace Mountain

Hyperspace Mountain
2 Jun 18

In the second of my Disneyland Paris reviews, guess what? It’s another Star Wars review. This time the review of a ride, and not a ride I went on once, a ride I went on 4 times in under 24 hours. That ride, is Hyperspace Mountain. Now you may think that name sounds familiar if you’re a veteran of Disney, and you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s an update of the old Space Mountain Mission 2. Which was a pain as it was being updated the last time I went preparing for this.

If you haven’t experienced Space Mountain it’s a rollercoaster contained within a dome. The ride starts with you being thrust into a tunnel and in this new version the Star Wars theme blares out which for me is goosebump central. At 45 degrees you face your fate and at then propelled at 47 MPH up said tunnel into complete darkness. The thing about Space Mountain is the fact that you have no idea where you are physically in time and space. You are hurled from left to right, upside down and all around. As you travel through this crazy universe you are presented with Tie-Fighters attacking you and regular stops at projections of Star Wars battles projected into your eyeballs before then being propelled into more horror.

The first time you go onto the ride it scared the living bejesus out of you, the second time you scream and the more and more you do it you just end up laughing constantly due to the intense insanity of what you’re putting yourself through. Two of the times I went on Space Mountain were before 9am and I have to say if you’ve had a heavy night previously this will cure your hangover in seconds.

As a self confessed rollercoaster addict this still remains my fave. The only criticism is that in in the States to align with the Star Wars branding they have updated everything about the ride, even where you queue up. The Paris version is great when you get onto the ride but for everything else apart from putting up some Star Wars based posters and banners, they could have done so much more to make you feel one with the force.

With that in mind it is still an amazing experience and thus why we went on it so many times. If you ever get to go to Disneyland Paris make a beeline to this as you won’t be disappointed.


Paul Wright


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