I found a self-service wine bar

I found a self-service wine bar
17 Mar 18

Today was date day with my lovely wife and when we go out we always like to try something new (not like that) and today was no exception.

For a change we checked out The Wallow in Norwich, a sassy wine bar with a difference. Fair enough you can go in and order drinks like an animal but why not throw some tech in for good measure?

Turn up and get yourselves one of their chip cards and top it up with cash? Then head to one of their wine dispensing machines, insert the card and select your vino.

By using then touch controls on the unit you can get a taster from 75p to see what you fancy (5 tasters later) and once you’ve decided decant a medium or large glass for your imbibing pleasure.

Go up as many times as you fancy and try as many wines as you like.

Plus don’t worry if you don’t spend your allowance on a single visit. The card keeps your balance for a year so pop in anytime for a fermented grape top up.

I don’t know about you but this is a tiny little dream.

Plus not to mention the atmosphere is amazing, the space is wonderful and the humans you do interact with are bloody lovely.

See you there at 8?


Paul Wright


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