iMyfone Umate Pro

iMyfone Umate Pro
21 Nov 16

The one bain in my life is my mistake of opting for a 16GB iPhone 6 back in the day and it is now a constant annoyance as I often have to optimise or backup my data. I have tried a few apps that deal with the cruft on your phone but as of yet I have not found a permanent solution but I’m trying something new, iMyfone Umate Pro.

This handy little app gives you a few options to clear valuable space on your iOS device as well as some features to give you some peace of mind.

On firing up iMyfone you are prompted to attach your iPhone or iPad (you will need to unlock it and get it to the trust the app). It then gives you a few options to scan your device for junk and temporary files, optimising your photos, searching for large files and apps that are hogging your storage. Using your selected scan iMyfone will then tell you how much space can be retrieved and give you to option to zap them.


I checked my phone’s storage before letting the app loose to see how it would get on.

The first thing to note is that the interface is lovely and clean and easy to use. To start with I chose to scan and remove my junk files of which there were 339MB and temp files that totalled 629MB. The scans were nice and quick and once completed summarised what space could be freed up with the option to remove them. After the process I actually recovered 1.46GB which was nice. This was also confirmed in the storage settings of my phone.

Another nice feature is the ability to securely erase deleted items and as iMyfone claim with no chance of recovery which is nice if you’re security conscious. You can also securely delete all data which is a nice thing especially if you’re handing your phone down or selling it on.

You can also remove apps but I’m more comfortable doing that on the phone itself but would be a good feature if you have a lot to get rid of. You can also erase private data which is a bit of a longer scan of things such as Safari cache, messages and call history which is really worth considering.


It really is a nice little program and something I would go back to again and again. You can download a trial version for free so you can see what you can optimise before you lay down your hard earned cash. Plus, it’s on offer right now.

iMyfone Umate Pro is available for both Mac and Windows.


Paul Wright


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