Joby Ultrafit Camera Strap

Joby Ultrafit Camera Strap
23 Oct 16

My search for a new DSLR camera strap started several weeks ago on a day out when I leant over to fasten my daughters coat and the camera slipped around my body and hit her on the shoulder.. Relieved that it didn’t hurt her, I realised just how many times in the past that had happened and I’d nearly hit my camera or lens on an object risking damaged to my kit.. I needed a strap that was easily adjustable so I could tighten it to stop it slipping. A dozen searches and product reviews later I decided to push the buy button on the Joby Ultrafit Camara Strap.

Straight out of the box initial impressions were good, the strap feels very good quality with a soft edged webbing to ensure a comfortable fit. The key point for me was the quick draw design which Joby have achieved with the “SpeedCinch System”, basically a well placed clip which allows you to draw the camera in tightly and securely to your body to prevent accidental bumping, whilst releasing the clip enables you to quickly raise the camera to eye level and capture that image! There is also an added benefit in that the quick release allows you to extend and place strap over you easily whether wearing a t-shirt or bulkier padded jacked..

The strap secures to your DSLR Stainless steel with a 1/4 inch thumbscrew, this means your camera hangs upside down when worn which gives an ideal carrying position.. A bearing inside the attachment mechanism gives you flexibility to control and rotate the camera without tangling the strap itself. On my second outing with the Joby however I realised that although the fitting to the camera was good it did get in the way of a quick fit to a tripod… a search on Joby’s website however provided a solution for this using the well priced “ultra plate”.

I did read several reviews saying that that the strap had become loose and cameras had fallen however I have to say that after hours wearing and using the strap it has remained solid and very securely fastened, at no point have I worried that this would happen to me.. that said tethers are available and would provide that extra piece of mind if that was a concern..

Overall opinion of the strap is excellent, it’s well worth the £25.99 in terms of quality, flexibility and comfort.

Joby Ultrafit Strap | Joby Ultraplate


Chris Campion


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