Kitsound Immerse Wireless Headphones

Kitsound Immerse Wireless Headphones
18 Feb 17

I’m a big fan of wireless headphones and have had a few pairs in my time the last being the Kitsound Manhattan’s (the bright blue ones I wore on the Big Show) but after a couple years of heavy use the battery gave out on me so I had to temporarily switch to my wired Apple Airpods which was the bag of hurt that I always remembered so I decided to invest in in another pair of Bluetooth cans.

Because of my previous and happy experience with Kitsound’s stuff I went back to them, this time opting for the Immerse model which I have to say I’m quite happy with.

The Immerse are very stylish looking and come in a very tasteful matt black. The first thing I noticed is the shape of the cans. They are slightly angled to fit around the shape of your ears and they are really comfortable. They are also foldable and rotatable (if you like that sort of thing) which is a nice touch especially as it comes with a sweet carrying pouch.


One of the things that I was looking for in new headphones was some decent noise cancelling and as soon as you put them on you notice how good it is at keeping out unwanted noises but on turning them on they have active noise cancelling (up to 25 dB) which works well so I can be in a little world of my own.

The sound quality is awesome for music and podcasts and you don’t have to turn the volume up very far to get some decent feedback.

The one think that I really like is the fact that you can also plug an AUX cable into them so you can attach them to your headphone jack which is really handy for me as on my walk to work I can use them wirelessly and when I get into the office I can just plug in the cable attached to my iMac and get going without having to unpair it from my phone and then pairing it with my Mac.

When you are pairing it (which is nice and easy) there is also some audio feedback that tells you when you’re paired, when you power on/off and also when the battery is low but it does last for up to 12 hours.

There are the typical physical controls on each of the cans so you can move through your tracks but something I don’t use as I control my audio via my Apple Watch.

So far this is the best set of phones I’ve owned and the price is rather reasonable too. Well worth a look.


Paul Wright


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