KitSound Manhattan Bluetooth Headphones

KitSound Manhattan Bluetooth Headphones
25 Apr 15

What would the world be like with headphones? The ability to lock out the normal world and have some you time. Over the years I have become quite an aficionado on the subject, but I do have one caveat when purchasing my cans and that is price. I flat refuse to pay the prices that Beats and other manufacturers charge for their products, for me its all about value for money without having to pay over the odds.

Recently I’ve taken up running again after a prolonged hiatus so really wanted a decent set of Bluetooth headphones so I didn’t have to worry about a cable flailing around and strangling me. I have had Bluetooth headphones in the past, namely the Jabra BT620s which were OK but ugly and had a terrible range (they even lost connection when you turned your head) so this time I was going to be a little more cautious.

In the past I have used a few products from KitSound and have been really pleased with them so had a look at what they had to offer. I then discovered their Manhattan range which seemed to have everything that I needed but having been burnt by Bluetooth headphones before I tread carefully. On op of that, recently my daughter had a spate of going through headphones at a rate of knots as the cables always kept fraying so I thought great, buy a pair for her as it fills and need and I get to check them out to see if they would suit me.

KitSound Manhattans

So I bought her a pair of the white Manhattan’s and straight out of the box I was suitably impressed. The build quality is excellent, they feel really sturdy and look more high end than their retail price would suggest. On the left ear you have a set of controls to play/pause music and a power switch to turn the bluetooth on and off. There is also a charging port but best of all is the microphone meaning you can take calls on the move using the onboard controls.

The battery life is pretty good too boasting 30 hours of talk time and 18 hours of music playback before you have to charge the battery.

So after discovering all of this I was sold and went ahead and purchased myself a pair of blue Manhattan’s which look pretty slick and I have been using them for just over a week. The sound quality coming out of them is decent although it could be a bit louder to my liking but this is probably more due to ear abuse by the means of loud music in the 90s. Taking a call and controlling your music is easy but does take a few attempts to adapt when fumbling around the controls blind.

The range is also very good indeed and I can walk around my house quite a distance from my iPhone before losing connection.

All in all I’m happy with my purchase and for under 30 quid who could argue.


Paul Wright


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