MPow Thor Bluetooth Headphones

MPow Thor Bluetooth Headphones
18 Jan 17

After breaking my trusty Bluedio Shooting Brake Bluetooth headphones I was on the look out for a replacement pair of inexpensive pair on Bluetooth headphones which I could leave in a drawer at work. Although I was a fan of the Bluedio’s I wanted to try another brand and came across the MPow Foldable On-Ear Headphones on Amazon for only £17.99 (on Prime too!). My main use at work is listening to podcasts, internal broadcasts, courses and sometimes music.

First impressions of the MPows was good, a nice black gloss casing which although plastic isn’t “rattley” on the folding hinges, easy to use controls on one ear and well padded ear cushions and headband. Initial negatives was the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and the carry bag are both cheap quality but for less than £18 you really can’t expect any more.

Setup was extremely easy as you’d expect of a Bluetooth connection and after a couple of hours charging with the included USB cable I was good to go. I don’t have a particularly fat head but found a very very slight stretch to the headband gave me a very comfortable fit whilst not impacting the fit when tried on by my young daughter. Sound quality on spoken word is extremely good at this price point but I found the music to be a bit heavy on the bass, this however seems to becoming more the norm now in terms of on-ear headphones in my experience. A quick tweak to the EQ on the iPhone tamed the heavy bass for my listening preference.

The onboard mic responded well on a couple of test calls and it did appear to give some reduction to background noise however I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s true noise cancelling. The Bluetooth range delivered by the MPows is fantastic.. When connected to my iPhone 6S I managed to walk approx 30 metres and into an office before the connection started to break up and eventually failed, this is much more that I got from the Bluedios.

Overall, an impressive pair of budget Bluetooth headphones and an even more impressive price!

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Chris Campion


Mullerbiker Mullerbiker

I was after some over the ear headphones and bought these base on Chris recommendation on the show. I wont repeat the above… for the price outstanding… but can get a bit painfull on prolonged use. The noise cancellation does work a little but seems to struggle with deep or sudden noise. I also found them ( and this can be an issue with all over ear HP was they were a bit sweaty. But I concur for £18 nice to go out and about and catch up on podcasts and not worry about expensive sets… oh and battery life is impressive…. 6 hours and was still going strong..

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