16 Nov 17

So are you still waiting for or didn’t go for the iPhone X? If you are lucky enough to possess Apple’s latest and greatest are you enjoying Animoji?

Well if you’d like to enjoy it on your non-X iPhone you can get a pretty close with MRRMRR.

Out of the box it just looks like a Snapchat clone applying filters to your face and to be honest there is a good range and we’ve had loads of fun trying them out.

But it gets interesting when you hit the Emoji button. What you first notice is how close to the Animoji icons they look. The app tracks your face and it does a pretty good job of mimicking what a £1000 phone can do. Obviously without the advanced hardware it’s not as accurate as what you’d get on the iPhone X but for a free app it’s pretty bloody close.

It records your facial movements and records your voice and you can save it as a video file which you can share where you want. It might just be good enough to fool your friends and family into thinking you’ve bought a very expensive smartphone.

Download it for free now in the iOS App Store and also for Android.


Paul Wright


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