Omni Recover

Omni Recover
17 Dec 17

Instead of an advent calendar post for today we thought that we would give you a real Christmas treat.

Now I am sure that we’ve all been in a pickle with our iOS devices at some time or another. Whether it be crashes, corruptions or deleted files. Now you can try an rely on those iCloud or local backups but they can’t always retrieve everything you’re looking for. So what do you do? Well that is where Omni Recover comes in.

Omni Recover is a one stop shop to help you get back all of that valuable data whether it be lost files from an unexpected deletion, if your device is lost or damaged, if you suffer a crash or if you just can’t get into the device. This is the product for you.

Simply plug in your iOS device and choose the situation from which you would like to recover from. It will recover 20+ types of data from your iPhone and iPad. Whether it be photos or videos, notes, contacts, messages (the list goes on and on) then this will have you covered.

As well as recovering data from your actual device you can also extract vital files from your iTunes backup so if your first attempt on your phone etc. is not successful then you, if you backup to your Mac can look at those archives to see if you get your hands on what you’re looking for.

Compatible devices cover all the way from the iPhone 4 and most of the latest iPads. Fully works with Mac OS High Sierra so you’re covered in most situations.

On using the product I have found it to have the ease of use you’d need in a data disaster. Generally in these situations you’re not at the top of your game while you try and work out where those vital files have gone. Omni Recover has some really simple wizards that guide you through the process so no matter what your heart rate and panic levels are.

You can download a free trial but…

Listen up Patreons and Subscribers!

MiniCreo the makers on Omni Recover are offering all of our loyal BTN Patreons and Subscribers a full license for totally free!!!

If you are one of the amazing people who keep this network please fill in the form below and we will get the license out to you ASAP. Also if you would like to become a subscriber and receive this and many other awesome freebies coming up in 2018 you can subscribe here.

Dear BTN please send me my free copy of Onmi Recover


Paul Wright


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