26 Jan 18


Just to say. I wrote this review back at the arse-end of 2017 when I bought this game but for one reason or another I forgot to post it and when I chose it on the BIG Show last night I realised. This post includes my original thoughts about then and where I am now in 2018. I will not be shot to death by a 12 year old.

The Game

This is one of my better late than never series, in that I know that Overwatch is not a new thing but is a bit of a phenomenon and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. With some cash I received at Christmas I thought I’d invest in what all the kids were talking about. Plus the Origins Edition was half price over the festive period.

So what’s Overwatch all about? Well, in short it’s the story of global defenders who the world inevitably found little use for but many still believed and they fight for us in secret.

In essence it’s one of the most varied first person shooters out there. Mainly due to the amount of different characters you can play as. All of them with different skills, weapons and special powers. I’m still at the point of working out which hero is the one for me. Currently I’m favouring Reaper just because he’s a badass!

The best thing about Overwatch is the fact that it adapts over time, plus it’s seasonal. When I fired it up on Christmas day they were running a festive campaign and as time progresses so does the game.

Up until now my all time fave shooter and probably always will be is Titanfall 2 but Overwatch is an easy close second. The gameplay is electric and super fast. As you start you are teamed with players who match your skill level and there are a number of objectives. Defense, attack or all out skirmish.

It’s colourful. It’s vibrant. It’s intense. The characters are in depth and all have their own stories. Check out YouTube for the lowdown videos.

With the variety of characters come weapons and there are loads.

I am currently playing the payload defense challenges and it’s loads of fun. Basically a vehicle needs to be transported through the level while the rival team try to hinder your progress.

Also the main thing about Overwatch is the development of teams. Each character brings something to the party whether they be healers, tanks etc. If you do well as a team you can choose to continue to further adventures with your kin. But if you’re shite they will drop you so try your best.

You can also upvote players who you believe have done well for extra XP.

All in all for a dip in and play game this is awesome and well worth checking out. The graphics are beautiful and it’s so responsive. Even when you’re waiting for a mission to start they’ll throw you into a skirmish until the server catches up so you’re never bored.

A game well worth having in your arsenal.

The Update (2018)

I think the reason I didn’t release this original review is basically down to the fact that I was crap at Overwatch but in the month that I’ve been playing it an have eventually won my first couple of death matches. With that comes upgrades for your character and I am now well ingrained in the Overwatch universe. I don’t know if you can pick it up for a bargain price right now but keep an eye out as it is well worth your time especially if you’re a dip-in-out-gamer like me.


Paul Wright


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