Rii RK100 Keyboard

Rii RK100 Keyboard
1 Sep 20

I bought a gaming keyboard the other day. But Paul, I can hear you thinking, you’re not a PC gaming person, and you’d be right, so why on earth did I get one?

Well as many of you I’ve been working from home since lockdown, and in my role that means a lot of typing. I had a pretty decent Logitech wireless keyboard supplied by work but the keys were a bit too close together and there was next to no key travel, making it a very unsatisfying experience.

I knew that a good mechanical keyboard was the way to go. But why a gaming keyboard? One reason, and one reason alone, it’s shiny!

Yup the, and to give it its full name the Rii RK100 Mixed Colour LED Backlit Multimedia Gaming Keyboard is LED backlit. It comes with red, blue and purple illuminations all controlled by a bespoke button on the keyboard. There is also an alternating mode if you fancy it.

Typing on it is lovely. There is definitely a satisfying click and you hit the keys and the travel is second to none. 

The only criticism I’d say is that all the keys feel about one key too far to the left, so for example the A isn’t where I’d expect it to be so I keep hitting S but even as I type this the old muscle memory is kicking in and I’m finding it more familiar by the hour.

Best thing though it only cost £20 so I can’t really grumble and it’s making work that little bit more enjoyable. Who knows I might even take advantage of some of its gaming features one of these days.


Paul Wright


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