Stance Running Socks

Stance Running Socks
10 Aug 17

Our reviews on BTN usually venture around “traditional” tech such as audio, visual, software & hardware etc, until now… The clothing industry have been embracing developments for some time now to ensure their products, particularly in the sport and outdoor pursuits industries exceed the needs and expectations of the demanding consumer. So to broaden the traditional reviews here at BTN I’m kicking off with Stance Running Socks

The days of running socks being primarily function over form are now long gone and thanks to the Stance, compromising style for performance certainly is a thing of the past. Combining “lifestyle with performance” by working with athletes and creatives, Stance are building a brand that is delivering quality with style and running socks are just one part of the Stance range. A common however across the ranges is the mantra of the “uncommon thread” with designs unique to anything else out there. You really need to view the range to understand the vast choice available and new ranges include partnerships with Star Wars, Disney, MLB & NBA..

I’ve been wearing the Momentum Crew Fusion Run socks and have been really impressed. The fit is perfect thanks to graduated compression, good arch support and reinforced toe and heel support which is tailored (and labelled) for each foot. The material is extremely soft, even after several washes and superior wicking properties to other socks I’ve tried. The cuts available are for the Fusion Run are the tab, quarter and crew so there is a sock height for all seasons.. As a runner I’ve come to learn the importance of looking after your feet and that socks are as important as the running shoes themselves.. For me, Stance have the right balance in terms of perfect fit with compression and support in the right places, light weight and great designs.

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Chris Campion


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