Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II
18 Nov 17

When I bought an Xbox One S earlier this year one of the games I was most eager to play was Star Wars Battlefront. Now I’d heard that it was fraught with issues but as it was only 8 quid in CEX I thought I’d give it a go. Once I’d tried it I could see that everyone was right. It was OK but had no longevity. Multiplayer was, erm OK but the lack of a decent single player mode apart from that travesty that was the mission where you collected coins it was less than enthralling.

But there has been a lot of hype over the sequel, Battlefront II has been met with a much better reception. Built in conjunction with multiple game studios they worked to improve on a game that Star Wars fans would really love.

Released on Friday 17th November I thought about whether to get it or not this morning and have never got into a game at launch I forked out the 60 quid for the digital download. At 51 GB it wasn’t small and it took a few hours to install but man, and I mean, man oh man. It is worth every penny. This is the Star Wars game you have been looking for.

There are many facets to this sequel. There is the multiplayer, the missions and most importantly for me a decent single player campaign.

The story centres around a team of special op Imperial Troopers resident on Endor at the end of the time of Return of the Jedi. After witnessing the destruction of the second Death Star they vow to avenge their Emperor. Lead by Iden Versio her band of troops continue the Imperial cause by taking out as many rebel troops as possible. No spoiler on the story here but it’s bloody good.

There are many opportunities especially in multiplayer mode to play as what EA refer to as ‘heroes’, your Luke Skywalker’s, Darth Vader’s, Darth Maul’s, Rey and a host of others. You need to earn a certain number of points to earn the right to play as these heroes and recent criticisms have made EA backtrack on how many points you need to earn before you can play them.

As the game installs you get to play an arcade mini game in which you can easily earn the chance to play as Kylo Ren and it is brutal.

If you’re a Star Wars fans then this is a must for you. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is out of this world and the multiplayer mode has so many layers and a great storyline that it will have you coming back again and again.

I’ve tried the multiplayer mode and I’m basically shite at it but due to the realism and how close to the Star Wars universe it gets this will not disappoint a hard core fan.

If you want goosebumps and some far, far away escapism then this is probably the best Star Wars game I have ever played. I have a long way to go and will probably update this review but first impressions are really, really positive.


Paul Wright


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