Star Wars Droid Factory

Star Wars Droid Factory
1 Jun 18

May the force be with you BTNers. This is my first Star Wars nerd review after returning from Disneyland Paris this week, there are more to come.

First up is something I didn’t know existed but something I’m so glad is now in my life. As you know Disney are now wringing every penny they can out of the franchise, the last time I was in Disney it was ‘Build your own Lightsaber’ where you construct your own Jedi weapon from a selection of parts, double-ended or not. This time it was the new ‘Droid Factory’ where you get to build your own Star Wars droid from a selection of components.

So first you choose your droids body of which there are many selections. You then go on to select a head, legs and novelty Star Wars headpiece. You get to construct it there an then to your own specification and it even comes with a complimentary blister pack so you can be all ‘mint in box’ like. All this for under 11 Euros which for me is a pretty decent deal for Disney and something that is custom made, by you, just for you.

I really enjoyed the experience and the final product.

Check out my choice. There is a reason for it. Can you see what it is?


Paul Wright


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