Sticky Ai

Sticky Ai
13 Nov 17

When I listened to last week’s Mac Show I was overjoyed to hear Adam’s pick of Sticky Ai.

Ever since the new iMessage came around in iOS 10 stickers and GIFs are the main way my family choose to communicate but I am alway left to use those made by others.

Step in Sticky Ai which is an app that let’s you create your very own stickers. Simply take a selfie and the app automatically removes the background like magic leaving you with just your gleaming mug. Add effects and text and then share them with your fave people in your fave app.

Best of all it’s free and none of those dodgy in-app purchases. The only thing it does do is to tag the word ‘sticky’ in the corner of your sticker but considering the service that it offers you can easily live with that.

This is going to be at the top of my list going forward and considering that most sticker packs on iOS are either rubbish or cost far too much for what they are this is a must have.


Paul Wright


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