Super Hot

Super Hot
1 Apr 18

Now I’m a fan of the first-person shooter. I generally spend my time on ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Titanfall 2’ on my Xbox One and they are fun, well, fun in the usual pop a cap in your ass adventure but here comes ‘Super Hot’ an FPS with a difference. It’s an oldie but a goodie. And it was one of the free games as part of Xbox Gold in March so if you were lucky enough to claim it and haven’t played yet then this may convince you.

Imagine the FPS format but you control time. So, the action happens, bad guys shooting at ya, trying to punch your lights out but they only move when you move. For example, an enemy projects bullets in your general direction but you, Matrix-style get to see where those bullets will meet their ultimate organ-shredding destination.That means you can be a tactical ninja and grab anything available to prolong your existence. Punch a dude in the face, grab his gun, and the shoot the s*** out of him. Grab pool balls, kettles and anything you can place your hands on to progress.

There really isn’t something else like this out there. A new look at the FPS genre. It can be frustrating and sometime damn right annoying while you work out the mechanics of the game but as a dip in and play experience I have not found anything that comes close.

Well worth paying your subscription for.


Paul Wright


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