The Media Show returns with Karl Madden & Russ Clewett to discuss the news in the media realm. They are joined for this weeks bumper first episode by Alex G. Fox and Missy to examine what looks like the end of ACTA in Europe, Netflix’s challenge to BSkyB, Google TV coming to the UK, LoveFilms latest signing and Amazon producing original content.

Also Missy and Karl let rip in the Spoiler Area over Prometheus.



Avatar Tone720

Great show. One point I would like to pick up is an example of when a web-based show has been picked up and put on Broadcast TV, it was Robert Llewellyn’s Carpool. Started with him doing episodes up to an hour himself on Youtube, then Dave channel commissioned it, but gave it a half-hour timeslot and put highlights of 3 guests in that time, with a full version still going on Youtube. Problem was that changes to the format that Dave wanted to ‘make it more suitable for TV’ became less workable and after 1 season it returned to being Youtube-only. There are web-series that picked up sponsorship but stayed online-only like Felicia Day’s The Guild (now sponsored by and hosted on MSN Video), and this model seems to work better.

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