Bagel Tech Media Episode #37 – The Slingbox Pirate

Bagel Tech Media Episode #37 – The Slingbox Pirate

In this episode of Bagel Tech Media….We take a look at a ruling in Japan that make TV forwarding illegal and what effects it might have on you in the country you live in, News coming from the Pirate Bay saying they are about to scare the music industry, Apple’s AirPlay has a hack now for Linux but how long will it last?, and The BBC is coming out with a new iPlayer.

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Avatar David Finn

I’m admiring the hard work you put into the broadcasts and the in-depth information youre providing. It’s great to come across someone that isn’t providing the same old rehashed information that everyone else is. Excellent listen! You’re in my iTunes already

Thanks David, Please give us a review in iTunes if you get the time, it makes all the difference

Avatar Amanda

Thanks for the great podcasts!
It’d be great if you have a better way of organizing them though.

I’m not sure what you would have us do Amanda. They are in topic and date order so not sure what you want. Let us know and we will take it on board


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