Bagel Tech Media Episode #45 – Living In The Amazon Cloud

Bagel Tech Media Episode #45 – Living In The Amazon Cloud

In this weeks Bagel Tech Media….Sonos Android controller is delayed, Warner Bros places more movies in Facebook, Netflix gets Paramount movies in Canada, FOX tell Time Warner Cable no more streaming on iPad, Amazon now talking with music labels about its new cloud service, MLB.TV free for a month on iPad and iPhone via $15 app, Looks like Hollywood’s VOD $30 movie is a go, RadioPlayer launches in the UK, Virgin Media Tivo gets full BBC iPlayer app, Sony’s Crackle service streams entire library now.

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Avatar Smoked Salmon

Kyle is always fun to listen to, with his stratospheric energy level and obvious love of things electronic. However, the new intro.. what a crack-up, had to listen to it thrice. Props to the Bagel Tech empire.

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