Show notes for Gamer 028 – 23/5/13

Show notes for Gamer 028 – 23/5/13
23 May 13

This a list of the games and links referenced in the Gamer Show when running through the news stories, previews, what we have been playing this week and bargin basement challenge. Enjoy.


Paul Wheatley @paulwheatley
Grant ‘Chis’ Chisholm
Sam Whiteley @drnastyflaps


Speedball Wikipedia entry

PS4 Video

Concept of what the PS4 might look like (based on the above Video)

Maths behind privacy video

Playing this week

Paul – Game Dev Tycoon
Sam – Borderlands 2 DLC: Krieg the Psycho
Chis – Blood Dragon

Bargin Basement Challenge

Paul – Receiver
Sam – Forza 2
Chis – Road to Beijing (didn’t play)


Paul Wheatley