Shows notes – iOS Show 019 – 31/3/13

Shows notes – iOS Show 019 – 31/3/13
1 Apr 13

This a list of the links referenced in the iOS Show when running through the news stories, the competition, trouble gusset, tips and links to picks & skips. We would love to hear from you, please tweet the network @britishtech or leave a review in iTunes or on The British Tech Network website.



Paul – @paulwheatley on twitter and
Rodti – @rodti on Twitter and App.Net
Robert – @streakmachine on Twitter & App.Net


iOS 6.1.3 released, fixed passcode bug fix, Japanese Maps, kills jailbreaks

iPhone 5S to include projector and “transformer like capibilities” – Cool video, but i call major BS

Apple Buys indoor mapping company

Jony Ive pushing for ‘flat design’ in iOS

Now its a 4K TV

The Competition

S4 Launch

Windows Phone outsells iPhone in 7 countries!

Blackberry actually manage to sell 1 million Z10s

Trouble Gusset



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Paul Wheatley