The Big Show – The Larry Page 5 – Show Notes

The Big Show – The Larry Page 5 – Show Notes
23 May 13

This week, not content with being an astronaut, Chris Hadfield further annoys the talentless earthbound masses with a bloody marvellous rendition of David Bowie’s Space Odyssey. We also go through the key elements of Goole I/O and those that aren’t like Google Map Dive which seems to use a Kinect!

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James Hart – @syzygy
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Sarah Gray – @sarahjaneuk
Tom Merritt –
Karl Madden @claw0101 also on the Media show.

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The Week in Tech

Opening Stories

$45m dollars in Card Scam in a matter of minutes. Chip & Pin would have stopped this.

Britains ‘Atlantis’ Is digitally mapped

Affordable EV Charger comes for $450 from Bosch.

Galaxy S4 gets a Pasting on Watchdog

Commander Hadfield does Bowie…In Space.

Police Break Up Fight Between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Doctor Who’ Fans

Main Show Stories


Google Music

Payments through Gmail

Google I/O Live Streaming

Wailing on Microsoft

Google Games is a Goner

Google Map Dive

Google Demands Microsoft Remove Youtube App

SAMSUNG Reports of 1Gbps from 5G Antennas?
Samsung announces 5G data breakthrough. 

Cool Things

James – Samsung HS3000 Stereo Bluetooth Headset. £30.

Jeff – Star Trek movie “Into Darkness”

Sara – Lux auto Brightness for Android. £1.98 (Lux Lite Free).

Tom – DBtec remote control AC outlet switch socket. around £25.

Karl – Google hang out app for IOS.

Ewen – Calumet Tripod Support Platform, £29.99