The Big Show – Viral Tracheitis – Show Notes

The Big Show – Viral Tracheitis – Show Notes
26 Jan 13

Dr Richard joins the troop again for a lurch through the finer points of the Viral Tracheitis which is only currently rivalled by the popularity of Angry Birds and Karl Madden returns to The BIG Show for a stint. Richard Harkness, Karl Madden, James Hart and Ewen Rankin put the Tech World right.

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
James Hart @syzygy
Karl Madden @claw0101   Here and there Show.
Richard Harkness @richharkness  Back to the Mac podcast with Johnny Winter.




The week in Technology

Government to rewrite Web Monitoring Bill

Verdict on the snoopers charter is the start of a longer battle.

Snoopers charter is overkill.

The Blackberry 10 L-series.

London buses to offer NFC contactless card payments.
Question for panel: As a long time iphone user, having had a first gen ipone, 3G, iphone 4 and now the iphone 5, the Blackberry 10 phone and operating system has caught my eye, and I’m seriously thinking about jumping ship to the Blackberry in February. I am fed up with iOS as each and every new version seems to have one or more problems that affect tne user. I have real trouble getting a phone signal at home, and I’ve tried many different suppliers so it has to be the iphone that’s at fault. As will says last week, ios needs a big change and the iphone needs a major change too – the iphone has to work as a phone or it’s no good, see next link for more:

good topic. IMHO it’s a fail. Total iPhone rip off and I really feel BB are dead in the water apart from teenager.
– my main issue is about account management and the limit on the number of devices. (SN)
– Isn’t this the natural step for these devices that have zero mark up? (SN)
Marissa Mayer unveils Yahoo mail overhaul.

[james]  I would like to make a small mention of Google maps on iOS .. surprising how many people mentioned it.. good marketing for google? Rich – I second this. Interesting in that Apple have allowed it even though could kill Apple Maps AND it copies a few features too.

Cool Thingies

James – Lytro – now with Perspective Shift (Want.. haven’t got!)
Rich – Smartphone holder £4 brilliant
Steve – Logitech Mini boom box
Ewen – Joby Ultrafit Strap £40 –
Karl – Google Maps / Zite Free app on iTunes.