The Mac Show – Down with the Kids – Show Notes

The Mac Show – Down with the Kids – Show Notes
19 Aug 12

Will Green brings his unique theories on the potential for the iPod in the coming months, Don’s table rocks now he has kindly given us a Mac Pro and Foresman knows WAY to much about G-Strings


Down with the Kids – 21st July 2012


Ewen Rankin @ewenrankin
Don McAllister @donmcallister
Andrew Stephens – Dr Happy Mac @drhappymac
Chris Foresman @foresmac
Will Green @BritishMac)

Sir Patrick Stewart joined Twitter. @sirpatstew



The week in Apple

Mountain Lion is coming. See screencastsonline for installation tips.

Is the iPod brand name dead? What if the iPod Nano was more like the Pebble watch?

Chris Foresman has written an article on recycling batteries.

Piper Jaffrey study claims 65% of phone owners plan to buy and iPhone next year.

IOS 6 message suggesting that perhaps ISP’s may charge for face time.

Cool Things

Don McAllister – Free IOS 3D mapping app of London. Recce 3d. Other Cities to follow.

Andrew Stephens – Downcast £1.99

Chris Foresman – Other world computing launches SSD modules for Macbook air.

Will Green – Mail tab app.

Ewen Rankin – Hover bar. £70

Gazmaz tip – Drilling down with list view.




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