The Mac Show – iPhone 5 Curve – Show Notes

The Mac Show – iPhone 5 Curve – Show Notes
20 May 13

This week were joined by out old mate TJ Manotoc from the Philippines and Peanut Dela Cruz who stays at work until 1.30am to talk to use. Don, Kelly, Will, Kyle & Ewen provide the usual commentary however to stop the show from becoming too intelligent.

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Don McAllister – @donmcallister
Peanut Dela Cruz – @skushno
TJ Manotoc – @tjmanotoc
Kelly Guimont @verso
Kyle Swager –  @kyleswager
Will Green – @BritishMac


Mac News

Apple has a record breaking quarter – TIm Says well done, Press and shares say failing? Really?

Is Apple really failing? 

Did Don get his Pebble?

License free Apple TV’s? Poor BBC 

Condom measuring app.

EA Launching Origin 

Anti-Loneliness Bowl.

4.8” iPhone due this year?

Cool Things

Don – iOS free app called Vine. 

Peanut – Logitech ultra thin bluetooth keyboard.

TJ – iFlash drive. 

Kelly – ios app, Calendar paste. £1.49 in the iTunes store.

Will – Developing software for Android called Eclipse and and open source app called Appinventor.

Ewen – Facewiper app, £0.69 in iTunes store.