The Mac Show – That Sucking Cup – Show Notes

The Mac Show – That Sucking Cup – Show Notes
20 May 13

Will Green ponders what he can ‘Do without’, Will Green causes Ewen yet MORE editing and we talk the weeks Apple News…somewhere I think, together with loads of reviews and a question to answer.

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Loads of reviews and the panel discuss a question about the best way to run Ubunto on a Mac.

Mac News


Chip Deal Apple and Intel in cahoots over iOS Chips

Phil Schiller send Tweet which links to Android Malware scares

The panel discuss

ROKU New Box. Does Apple HAVE to do something with the Apple TV to stop it stagnating?


Cool Things

Don – Logitech Ultraslim iPad mini cover

Kyle – NetBot For, iPad edition. Free in iTunes.

Kelly –  Thermodo The tiny thermometer for mobile devices by Robocat – Kickstarter.

Will – Real London Tube, £0.69 in iTunes store and Tu Go app by O2 to bring calls to your tablet.

Andrew – Free app.  Brewster/Smartr Conects the social accounts you use.

Ewen –  Gear4 iPad Mini Cover £29.00