The Mac Show – The Bond Bombshell – Show Notes

The Mac Show – The Bond Bombshell – Show Notes
21 May 13

There’s News this week as Apple shift to gain some of its money in Bond Sales. The 50 Billionth App gets downloaded and the 100 Billionth could be in as little as One Year. Mophie make a new juice pack, Siri gets pissy and quotey and BBM is coming to iOS…Yeah Right!

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The Week in Apple

50 Billionth App download. The Winner to get $10k and then the next 50 get $500.
…and it happened – Brandon Ashmore won.

Apple Finance, The ‘Bond’ Bombshell

Apple’s record plunge into debt pool.

Berkshire skips Apples Bonds

Tim Cook Summoned to explain tax Practices

Apple Care One Subscription…All Devices Apple to update Applecare

The Coffee Auction Comes to a close like an eBay Auction

Logitech continue to do iPad Covers better than Apple

Mophie New Juice Packs

Siri gets pissy over your sentences

Blackberry BBM Coming to iOS in the Summer


The hard disk on a Macbook Pro is on the way out. Is it worth getting a SSD to replace the hard disk or get a normal hard disk?
Is it worth upgrading the RAM at the same time and should I carry out a new install of software or install from a disk image?

The team speculate the release dates for IOS7 and OS 10.9 and possible new hardware.


Amazon Cloud Drive Amazon pick away at another Apple Service and its free (ish)

ITunes iTunes Analysis

iPhone 6 Rumours and dates update

Cool Things

Paul – Dual SNES Controller Adapter for Mac (USB) £12.95. SNES9X emulator.

Jeff – TruGlide Pro stylus – $29.95

Kelly – The Loop Magazine

DHM – Sketchbook Express (free) Pro version £39.99

Ewen – Stick Cricket SPL – Free but has in-app purchases.