The Photo Show – Canon’s Girlie Click – Show Notes

The Photo Show – Canon’s Girlie Click – Show Notes
7 Dec 12

Nikon come up with a new 70mm-200mm F4 lens, Metabones make some new and vastly overpriced adapters and GoPro release the Hero HD3 just 2 months after Ewen buy a couple of HD2s.

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The Week in Photography

Nikon skyview concept camera.

Gopro unveils the Hero 3.

Nikon 70-200mm f4 lens. 

Sony full frame E-mount interchangeable lens camera is possible, making lenses is another matter.

New metabones adpater for leica r and nikon f lenses.

vsco keys software tool for lightroom keyboard shortcuts customization.



1. For the panel, assuming similar pricing and no prior history for Canon or Nikon, which is better, Canon 6D or Nikon d600?

2. Q: Continuing the thoughtful dare I even say “sensitive” questions that have been asked the past two weeks about motivation, which current photographers do the panel admire?




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