The Photo Show – Dont Say Her Name! – Show Notes

The Photo Show – Dont Say Her Name! – Show Notes
18 Dec 12

Alex G Fox and Chris Foresman join Ewen Rankin to walk you through the week’s Photography News and then answer YOUR photo questions. If you have a question then send it to

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Chris Foresman – @foresmac
Alex G Fox – @alexgfox


The Week in Photography

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. Photographers complain over “Misunderstood” policy.

Proposed New Glasgow Subway Byelaws.
Having considered all the responses to the consultation and taking into account (i) the surveillance and security measures now in place and (ii) the increase in number of mobile devices with cameras, SPT has agreed that the prohibition on filming and photography within the Subway should be removed from the proposed new byelaws. The Conditions of Carriage relating to Subway travel will also make it clear that sensible photography is welcomed on Subway trains and in station. A full guide to SPT Subway filming and photography is available on SPT’s website. On behalf of SPT I would again thank you for taking the time to respond to the public consultation.

The $5 Rubber band to stop Lens Creep

Nikon D600 has some issues over Exposure compared to other cameras

Jessops closes Hereford Store on profit grounds.

Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 VC USD

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review


1. Hi guys, Thank-you for the Podcast, enjoy it every week.  Keep up the great work, you have my vote(s) for the Podcast of the year! Question: Why Manual? One of your answers last week to a question about which camera to buy for a daughter at Christmas was for it to have manual mode to enhance creativity.  I have been in to photography, mostly landscapes and wildlife for 10 years and find myself in Aperture priority 95% of the time.  So my question is, what do I stand to gain from venturing into manual?  Does it make me a bad photographer sticking to the auto capabilities of the camera?  If you really want to rip me to shreds take a look at For info I shoot with a Canon 550D and 350D as a backup. Thanks, Ian Cornwall

2. Hi Ewen and Gents, I’m a long-time listener. Both this and the Mac Show are my favorite podcasts of the week. Thanks for all you do! That said, I have a video question. I need a DSLR for shooting interviews and short, talky film projects. I’ve been heartened by Ewen’s comments about the 600d’s video quality (T3I for me in the states), and so I am saving my pennies for XMas. But I know I need more than just the camera and the kit lens. Could you guys help me figure what things are absolutely non-negotiable to get me going on the kind of video I want to do. Specifically, types of lenses and which brands are affordable and not crummy. But anything else you can recommend would be great. Thanks again, Gabe

2a. Hey Fellas I went to Canon this year and I have the basic 18:55 kit lens,  the 50:250 zoom lens and a prime 50mm (1.8 aperture) prime lens. They are all a bit cheap and plasticky if I’m honest, they wobble a bit and the manual focus is a bit easy to ‘knock’.  But, the money was right so I’m not complaining. If things go ok next year I would be happy to spend decent money on a more ‘pro’ quality lens. What would you suggest that I get?  I’d be looking ideally to ‘add’ something rather than merely replace one of my existing ones. Please bear in mind that video is something I need to factor in as well as stills. Also, what could I expect to notice in my image quality from spending all that extra money?  I hope you don’t just get build quality, extra weight and a red band!!! Cheers Gordon Jackson

3. Hi Gents With the sun being up so late in the mornings I’ve been trying to get some pictures of a sunrise but haven’t been lucky with the results The pictures I take have overly bright skies and the ground is pretty dark. I can’t seem to manage to get a balance between the two I have RAW as a setting on my camera I know but have never really used this. Is there a simple solution or will I have to buy some software and use the RAW setting to get them to balance. Thanks for all you do with Photo, I’ve learnt so much Regards Mark Compton – Darlington




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