The Photo Show – Oh Thats What That Button Does – Show Notes

The Photo Show – Oh Thats What That Button Does – Show Notes
13 Mar 13

This week Alex and Ewen look at a new Pentax, A new light meter attachment for your iPhone and Two ex Jessops Employees who are going it alone…well done. All the photo news and YOUR questions

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Alex G Fox – @alexgfox


This Week in Photo

Dont forget the reviews

Two Jessops staff revive thier own shop as independant camera store
Huge fee to keep photo store alive

A match made in Flickr!

The worlds largest lens test chart.

Photos from the worlds first underwater nuclear explosion.

320 gigapixel phot of London

NIKON D7100 review 

Pentax MX-1 Review

Luxi – clip on light meter adapter for iphone




Hi chaps, thanks for the great show. I’ve written in a couple of times before and have bought two lenses on your recommendation the Canon 70-200 F4 and Tamron 90mm macro – thanks blokes!

I’ve three short and probably daft questions for you,

– What exactly is the AF ON (rear focussing thing) and what is it used for?

– What is auto light optimisizer and should I being using it?

– Is long exposure noise reduction a useful feature?

Thanks fellas, love the show. I’ll miss Chris, hope he comes back soon

Lee Moody


I changed to Canon last year and to fund the move I sold a few bits of old tech including my HD camcorder

I bought the 650d after seeing yours Ewen on our train trip last summer and assumed that there would be fully auto for video for whenever my wife wanted to use it.

How wrong I was!

The autofocus is terrible as it focuses back and forth on its target and creates a lot of buzzing on the audio as the motor drives it.

Do you guys have any tips?

I have bought the Loupe so that I can see better but its still hard to keep up with moving things and remembering which way to turn the focus ring!

I wondered if magic lantern hack might do a better job but its still not out for the 650d

Cheers for the shows, listen all the time
Keep up the good work!


Hey guys, as an Nex-5 user I am looking to upgrade, so my question is;

Sony a57, do you recommend it?

I have looked at the new Sony a58, but it seems to be a step-down from what the a57 is, and I know I don’t have the money for an a77 or an a99 which would be a dream. I mainly shoot video and would be using the external mic for it. I love the idea of the Sony range, and ok yeah the lenses are expensive, I don’t mind investing in the Alpha range.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?