The Photo Show – Smelling Smoke – Show Notes

The Photo Show – Smelling Smoke – Show Notes
10 Dec 12

We look at the weeks photography news and take YOUR questions. Send you questions to

All the fun of photography with Chris Foresman, Alex G Fox, Kevin Newsome & Ewen Rankin

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Chris Foresman – @foresmac
Alex G Fox – @alexgfox
Kevin Newsome @newsomesstudio


The Week in Photography

The many faces of a nikon d800e.

Joby griptight smartphone mount.

Remote shutter release for ios devices masquerades as a roll of film.

Model criticized and mocked after using sandy wreckage for photo shoot.

Flickrs new head is an ex national geographic wildlife photographer.

Ball shaped camera to aid police and firefighters.

Canon debuts two new EF lenses.

Chatroom referenced the D600 Teardown –



1. Hey Ewen, Alex, Chris and Kevin, I went to the annual bonfire night at Lewes, East Sussex last Monday. Thoroughly enjoyable evening with a number of different societies parading round the streets with fire(attached a few pics). The problem is when I got home everything reeked of smoke, and I mean a serious smoky firey stench within everything I had with me! I put everything possible through the wash including coat, trainers, backpack, belt etc. Have you got any suggestions of how to de-smellify the camera (nikon d5000 + the 2 lenses I took with me). Further more, do you have any pre-emptive suggestions on how to combat an environment like this, if I go to another one. Thanks David

2. Hi BTN Photo Boys I have a simple Question. When should I try and shoot in Aperture Mode, over Shutter Mode or use the ‘P’ Thanks Mark Prince Droitwich

3. Dear Ewen, Alex, Chris and Kevin Can you give me any guidance on sharpening images for use on the internet at varying sizes and printing out on a photo printer. Thanks Marcus Feltz Rochester




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