The Photo Show – The Andrew Bailey Experience – Show Notes

The Photo Show – The Andrew Bailey Experience – Show Notes
19 Dec 12

Andrew Bailey is thoroughly of the belief that something is going on without his knowledge and Chris, Alex and Ewen sift the Photo News and answer YOUR questions. Send them to

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Chris Foresman – @foresmac
Alex G Fox – @alexgfox


The Week in Photography

Double ended exposure ranks as news on Petapixel?

Instagram updated with improved camera controls and new photo filter.

Twitters new in-app photo function also discussed.

Facebook to monetize Instagram

Charge your batteries in rotation.

Canon 6D Noise test against 5DmkIII launches

Canon patent reveals a smaller optical viewfinder with 100 coverage

Nikon, dont breath on your lens to clean it.



1. Hi Guys, Not a technical question but what is the best thing you’ve have ever had the opportunity of shooting or what are your favorite things to shoot? As an amature I get a bit jealous when I see all the Pro’s at the front of the gig or match. Is it as good as it looks? James, Watford.

2. Hello Ewen, Alex, Chris & Kevin Love the show. Thanks. I have a question about shooting in cities at night. I was out in Newcastle and shooting some of the city lights etc and noticed that for no apparent reason, some of the shots were wildly under-exposed. I was shooting in Aperture Priority and the underexposed image appeared to come completely at random. I thought at first that I might be on evaluative metering and not spot metering but after checking it wasn’t. In the end I decided to follow Ewen’s advice of last week and shoot in manual and it worked! Is there something obvious I’m missing here or do you think I have a fault with my camera perhaps. (Its a Nikon D5100) Thanks Mark Bannister – Newcastle

3. Hi Fellas I own a Canon 450D and have about £150 to spend on a Christmas present.
Suggestions Please Thanks Tony G – Cornwall




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