The Photo Show – The Feel of Wet Rubber – Show Notes

The Photo Show – The Feel of Wet Rubber – Show Notes
18 May 13

This week Ewen is flying solo and outs the Outex, reviews the Blobby Panasonic Lumix, as well as discussing loads of other photo news and, answers a few of your Photography Questions……..

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin 


Photo News

New Panasonic Sensor Capturing 3D with one lens.

Rambus Binary Pixel Tech

Tech Radar Buyers Guide. All the Reviews for your next Full Frame DSLR.

Cokin Filters New Range in Apple Like Packaging coming.

The Outex Dry Suit Kickstarte Project. For a 6D with 70-200mm lens and wrist strap $344 before shipping.

d600 sensor dirt, clean it yourself.

New Adobe RAW converter supports the non existent Hasselblad Lunar.

PhotoBulk Batch Process, Watermark and reduce file size




Hi Ewen and Alex
I would love to learn more about photography. I would love to know your opinion on online learning in particular the photography institute or any other you may have come across.
Attached is an advert from TPI
Many thanks


Hi Guys,
Just a quick note to they guys mainly on the photoshow.
Thanks for the answers and tips,
I’ve taken the portrait of the ‘wrinklies’ and I did use a reflector and it turned out OK.
I shall look forward to the unveiling of my first commissioned masterpiece at their party in the spring!
I took your advice regarding the video. lots of practice! I guess thats obvious having thought about it!
Thanks again for the answers and of course for the shows in general,
Hope to see you all at the bash if everything drops into place!


Hello fellas,
Recently, I was directing a paid video shoot in a studio for a band’s live performance. Because we needed four cameras running simultaneously, the band had brought along two other camera operators to expand my two-man operation.
The new guys had loads of great equipment – lights, black flags, shoulder rigs, flight cases of lenses – the works.
However, when I got their footage into the edit software, a significant amount was unusable A lot of the shots were ruined by the two operators constantly playing with the focus, shaky weird framing that favoured the ceiling (!), or generally filling the frame with something dull (eg, long shots of the keyboard player stood doing nothing, waiting for their part).
We called this The Cult of Gear.

1. Have any of you encountered this “Cult of Gear” fetish for equipment, where the actual craft of photography is secondary?

2. What do you think is the least important, yet most fetishised piece of camera equipment?
(My vote goes for any steadi-cam type gear)




Hi Ewen,
Since you’re on your own today (or were going to be) thought I’d send you this – hopefully not come up before and I’ve missed it:
Any tips / tricks for low light / night work? Besides the obvious like tripod ;o)
I’m starting to get a liking for low light stuff but, having an 18MP crop sensor (7D), I can find that overly long exposures – like to get star trails – can very easily create a lot of sensor noise probably due to so many being packed so tightly. I did a 20 minute one recently and the noise was terrible. Now, I was suffering with some sodium lighting pollution which may not have helped, but I was thinking about stacking multiple shorter exposures (50 to 100+) to try to get the same effect.
Also, maybe trying “painting with light” with a torch (for buildings and landscapes, not star trails of course. That would just be stoopid)….
Anyway, any thoughts on the matter? I know it’s not your usual field but with you trying astro low light will have some bearing I guess?

Thanks, Ian