The Photo Show – The Linus Lens – Show Notes

The Photo Show – The Linus Lens – Show Notes
10 Dec 12

We talk through a bunch of new lenses including Nikon, Sigma, Samyang, Zeiss, Olympus and answer YOUR questions. Send us questions to Brilliant discussion on the use of 50mm fixed lenses.

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Chris Foresman – @foresmac
Alex G Fox – @alexgfox


The Week in Photography

Nikon 10-24 Lens

Sigma Confirms new lens

Samyang Lens

Zeiss Lens

The Olympus is coming



1. Why does the camera add 10 pounds?! If you meet people who’ve been on tv they do genuinely look smaller. What’s the reality of lenses etc? — Andrew Bailey

2. Hi Ewen 18 months ago I bought a Canon 550 which I use for both video and stills mainly in the summer when I spend several months in the South of France. My question is, I am using the kit lens (18-55) and after listening to your podcast this week I wonder if I should buy a 50mm prime lens or would you make any other suggestions bearing in mind it is not a full size sensor. I shoot landscapes and portrait and also enjoy taking low light. Great podcast, keep up the good work. John from Chesterfield




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