The Photo Show – Woes and Woes of Batteries – Show Notes

The Photo Show – Woes and Woes of Batteries – Show Notes
17 Dec 12

Chris and Ewen look at the week’s news in Photography and take YOUR questions. If you want to send us a question then send it to Remember to vote for BTN….


Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Chris Foresman – @foresmac


The Week in Photography

Artist shows self portraits ‘Me with the lens cap on’. 6 years of taking one picture per day without removing the lens cap. (Was it digital or film I wonder) (I didnt wonder for long)

Will i am iPhone Camera bling

Nikon Limited edition Lens

Adobe to release Retina version of Photoshop CS6 on Dec 11.

Canon 7D Mark II rumored Specs.

Swann release the outback camera


1. Hi Guys Love the show and thanks for all your help and advice I have a question about camera batteries. I bought a Nikon D3000 in 2010. The battery that came with the camera was always pretty good and I often got nearly a days shooting out of it. Now however, it barely lasts 2 hours and I’ve come to wonder if its on its last legs? a. Should I have expected more out of this battery and should I contact Nikon to complain b. Should I consider only a Nikon battery to replace it or should I look at other brand batteries? Thanks Mark Thompson – London

2. Hi Ewen, Alex, Kevin & Chris With silly season approaching, I’m thinking of getting my 13 year old daughter a camera for Christmas. She has always loved using my compact camera but I think she should have her own camera and who knows perhaps it will inspire her to learn and do more with photography. What should I be looking for in any camera I purchase and should I be getting a compact camera, Bridge Camera or DSLR for her. Cheers for any advice you can offer Gary Burton – Liverpool

3. Hello Fellas Love the show keep up the good work Simple question I guess. If I want to shoot black and white images with my digital camera, should I deliberately increase the ISO to put ‘grain’ into the image at capture or should I still shoot on the lowest ISO and then add grain afterwards in Photoshop? Thanks Jerry Randall – Texas




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