Stranger Things

Stranger Things
22 Aug 16

Now I know that this is not exactly tech related, but I’ve done a few show reviews in the past but they have been about nerdy content but this just shows the rise of original content that is coming out of the streaming services that we know, love and most of us pay for.

The king of all is obviously Netflix, the previous DVD through the door service, made good as a streaming platform making a huge leap a few years ago by investing in their own original content. Those that have come before, ‘House of Cards’ (don’t forget to watch our shows), ‘Orange is the New Black’ and one of my personal favourites, ‘Daredevil’. I’ve really enjoyed these shows plus their back catalogue of classics but what has really captured my imagination is the new series of ‘Stranger Things’.

The show invites us into the world of a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business (and no I don’t mean Norwich) where the disappearance of a child (Will) sends this small community into turmoil. Add into the mix a government run facility by a secret agency who really don’t want you to know what they are up to and an escapee in the form of 11 (or L) a girl who lands in the hands of the friends of the missing Will and a girl who has powers beyond their wildest dreams. She is instrumental in helping them understand what has happened to their to their comrade.

Add to this you have the star that is Winona Ryder who delivers the performance of her life, Will’s mom who never gives up on her boy and will do anything to bring him home. Her belief is tested when the real world fades away and the unexplained suddenly becomes reality. Is Will here or is he gone? Is there something more overarching taking control of their lives?

This show is the X-Files, Goonies, ET all rolled into one. It is unapologetically retro from the intros to the performances and is executed perfectly. I’m hooked and only have a few episodes to go which is why I’m reviewing it now so I can’t give anything away.

You have to give it to Netflix. They could have taken your money and run and just shown you the movies they had licenses to show but this displays how we have all changed the way in which we consume entertainment and that it’s worth investing in. Things are bright, if not a little bit strange.

The way we are consuming content is changing and I like it. Stranger Things is one of the most captivating shows I have seen in a long time and I hope you enjoy it too.


Paul Wright


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